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The Right Glue to Fix RV Wall Delamination
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Having the right glue is crucial to fixing Camper wall delamination. We sampled a few different glues advertised for RV’s and concluded that there is no comparison to the Composet SLV™ formula.

We tested products from West, Max General Purpose, The Epoxy Store, Gorilla, Three Bond, Git Rot and others. Many initially looked promising, but in our opinion either set too fast, did not have good bond strength, or did not exhibit the desired thermal flex in our in our tests. While some brands were relatively inexpensive, we came to the conclusion that you get what you pay for. In our opinion most of these resins are not suitable for use in repairing RV walls.

The same is true for fiberglass repair products and boat repair epoxy. They are ideal for fiberglass boats and car bodies, but we feel it is not the best choice for bonding the composite Filon, plywood, and Styrofoam that RV, motorhome, and camper trailer walls are made of.

Fixing a delaminated wall on your RV, motorhome, or camping trailer is a challenge, but certainly within the ability of a seasoned DIY’er. But, fixing RV walls requires the best glue available. Our simple test results indicate the best and original solution comes from Composet Products LLC. Their RV Delamination Repair Kits feature the Composet SLV® resin system. Plus they offered a level of technical support above and beyond the other brands. And you need the best help you can get when repairing water damage on your RV.

In our opinion, many epoxy companies, even those that consider themselves epoxy experts, offer only general purpose products and have little experience fixing RV’s Campers, or Motorhomes. Having a Styrofoam Safe product is also a requirement for re-bonding delamination on RV fiberglass siding, walls, roofs, & floors. We will always go with the Compset SLV™ if we have to make a repair.
Testing parameters included Work Life, Gel Time, Fixture Strength, Viscocity, etc.
Additional tests include various substrate evaluations, bondability, and compability with typical RV components.
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