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Fixing RV Wall Delamination with the Epoxy Injection Method
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Repairing a delaminated RV wall can be a daunting task. The best way is turn it over to an RV dealer and have them replace the entire sidewall. However, the cost can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. For many RV owners spending this much money does not make sense, or is not practical. But there is an option- repairing the delaminated wall using a do-it-yourself RV Delmaination Repair Kit.

We have become familiar with just such a kit produced by Composet Products L.L.C. Their kits have the well respected RV specific Composet SLV™ epoxy resin system. While their are a number of general purpose epoxies on the market, in our experience and opinion Composet SLV™ is the right choice that gives you the best chance of a successful repair...and has a proven track record in RV wall repair.

Here are a few pictures showing you how these kits work: For more information on DIY wall repair kits visit:
Another good resource for Caulking, Sealants, and RV Maintenance items is :
1. Identify the delaminated area. mark with tape to show shape and size of the area.
2. Select which RV Delamination repair Kit kit is right for your project. Select form the #12 Kit, #24 Kit, or the Master Kit
3. Prepare the coach. Use plenty of plastic and tape.
4. After preparing the coach, and test fitting the clamp, get ready to inject the Composet SLV.
5-6. Begin injecting the resin, making sure to saturate each layer. Use the tools that best fits the situation.
7. Install the clamp. As mentioned above, the clamp should be ready to go. Remove the clamp after 24-hours
8. The window is back in and the wall is repaired. Use a egos slant such as Sikaflex 221 or Sikaflex 505UV.
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