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In general, most pleasure boats, including runabouts, wake boats, ski boats, and sail boats are made from fiberglass, but most RVs are not. To make a fiberglass boat, chopped fiberglass strands are combined with polyester resin (different than epoxy) to create a structure that forms the hull and deck. The wall thickness of the hull and deck are relatively large compared to FRP, and capable of structural support of engines, masts, and running gear....
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How Are Fiberglass RV Walls Made?
Delamination of the side wall is a common maintenance issue associated with recreational vehicles (RV’s). Many RV’s are manufactured with a bonded composite wall system consisting of interior paneling, styrofoam insulation, wood or aluminum framing, mahogany plywood, and an FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) outer skin...
What is Sidewall Delamination?
Is a Motorhome (or Camping Trailer, or RV, etc.) made of Fiberglass?
Many RV walls are a “composite”, meaning different materials are bonded together in layers. Typically, a thin fiberglass sheet forms the outer layer, followed by plywood, Styrofoam, and an inside paneling. Framing elements are also incorporated into the wall. The materials are glued together creating a composite structure...
Fixing Delamination with Epoxy Injection
Repairing a delaminated RV wall can be a daunting task. The best way is turn it over to an RV dealer and have them replace the entire sidewall. However, the cost can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. For many RV owners spending this much money does not make sense, or is not practical. But there is an option- repairing the delaminated wall using a do-it-yourself RV Delmaination Repair Kit.
Having the right glue is crucial to fixing Camper wall delamination. We sampled a few different glues advertised for RV’s and concluded that there is no comparison to the Composet SLV™ formula.
We tested products from West, Max General Purpose, The Epoxy Store, Gorilla, Three Bond, Git Rot and others. Many initially looked promising, but in our opinion either set too fast, did not have good bond strength, or did not exhibit the desired thermal flex in our in our tests...
The Right Glue to Fix RV Wall Delamination
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Bonding large sheets of Filon fiberglass to plywood is challenging. We sampled a number of off-the-shelf glues and adhesives to try and come up with a good answer. We'll let the results speak for themselves, however 2-part epoxy seemed like the best choice when looking at durability, strength, availability, and cost.
Building RV Style Wall Panels
The Right Glue to Bond Filon Fiberglass to Plywood
Building RV style sandwich composite wall panels is tricky, but not out of reach for determined DIY'ers. This article provides a description of our step-by-step experiment in building a small section of wall. While we'll never claim that this is the best way, or even a good way, we do belive it offers a quick view on how a composite wall could be built.
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Using Contact Cement to Bond Filon Fiberglass Siding, Plywood, and Styrofoam
As mentioned in previous articles, building RV style sandwich composite wall panels is tricky, but not out of reach for determined DIY'ers. This article provides insight into using Stabond brand contact cement to install fiberglass siding to plywood. The main benefit of contact cement is the "instant bond", no clamping required. However, this gives you no room for error. After testing we found Stabond the only product that works in this application.