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TPMS- Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems for RV's
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The TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) is a safety device designed to provide real time tire pressure data to the operator of a motor vehicle. Federal law mandates that all passenger vehicles sold in the U.S be equipped with an on board TPMS.
Motorhomes and travel trailers are typically not required to be manufactured with a TPMS, so the aftermarket has stepped forward with a number of units that can be retrofitted to the RV or trailer.

A basic TPMS consists of a sensor on each wheel that records the air pressure in the tire. The sensor forwards the data to the vehicles computer, or aftermarket TPMS computer, which then determines if the tires are within the pressure specification. Any time there is a variance an indicator warns you of the condition.

The benefits of a TPMS are enhanced safety for everyone on the road as it alerts the operator of a vehicle to a potential tire problem before the problem becomes a critical situation such as an accident. The TPMS can make accidents preventable by allowing the operator time to remove the vehicle from the road prior to a catastrophic tire failure. The system can mitigate death, injury, loss of property, not to mention helping you get the most life from your tires.

Installing an aftermarket system on your RV or trailer is not difficult. There is the cost of the TPMS equipment, as well the installation expense. Some of the work can be done by a skilled DIY’er, however some parts of the installation will require special tools. Installing the receiver/computer and associated wiring requires some technical skills, however installing the sensors (electronic valve stems) in each tire/wheel assembly is best left to a qualified shop.

There are a number of aftermarket systems to choose from. The most basic simply measures tire pressure, while more advanced systems monitor temperature and provide diagnostics. Cost for a system ranges from around $300 to $1000, depending partly on the number of tires being monitored. We believe the cost of installing a system is well justified.
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